Business Women Resources

Business Women Resources

Some of these links and resources might help you to get started, or really get your business moving.

Small Business Administration (SBA)  includes some great tips on how to start, expand or finance your business from the goverment of the US.  has information specifically for women business owners which are interested in doing business with the federal government.

US Business Advisor  is the official business site of the government of the US which includes resources and guides for all businesses to help them comply with regulations and laws.

US Department of Labor – you might want to check this out for all information about health and safety in the workplace, pensions, benefit plans, employment and other things related to the workforce of America.

Business Women

How To Succeed in Business

Many years after women burned their bras, and even more since they chained themselves to railings and lamp-posts in pursuit of equality, women still haven’t quite got there have they? Oh sure, England had a female prime minister and Hillary Clinton isn’t doing a bad job is she, but successful women are still pretty few and far between, the exceptions rather than the rule, except when it comes to starting up their own successful businesses, they’re pretty good at that.

Women in Business

It’s been historically documented that women are good at multi-tasking, yes, they really can know exactly what the kids are up to while cooking a gourmet meal and dictating a killer sales letter, well, some of them can anyway (little do many people realize that some women really do have eyes in the back of their heads, that’s why they have so much hair to disguise them!) Anyway, brilliant women are fed up of having to fight their way through mediocre men for success in the boardroom, and are making it on their own!

The first thing that women need to succeed in business is the nerve to try it. Women who have spent a good few years at home raising children and looking after the home can suddenly find the big wide world a pretty scary place to be, but if you have the confidence, then that really is step one taken care of.

Seven More Rules of Business

  • Business Strategy – before you start a new business you need a strategy! Focus on what you want to achieve, who will your customers be and why will they buy whatever you’re selling. That’s a very good question!
  • Planning – it’s just like planning a trip really, because it’s a journey through your business life (how profound was that???)  Be sure to plan for life insurance for your family.
  • Marketing Strategy - is essential for any business, whatever marketing strategy you decide on you also need to have a desired outcome in mind, if it don’t cut it, change it!
  • Practical Finance – this is where women really come into their. Many have probably already been trying to feed a family of four on a pittance and know all about keeping track of the cash!
  • Team Building – another one of women’s strengths. Knowing how to get the best from people comes from years of encouraging others (even when you can see from a mile away that they’re never going to be a ballerina!) Be an inspiration and lead your team to future success.
  • Customer Commitment – another stronghold of the female variety. If you say you’ll do something, do it the best you can, it works for me.
  • Personal Development – is sometimes a bit tricky but dig deep and keep at it. Nobody can motivate you quite as well as you can motivate yourself.

So there you have it. There are thousands of successful women out there who have made something out of nothing! Whether you’re turning a hobby into an earner or planning on being the female equivalent of Bill Gates, you need to follow the same rules.

Wishing you the very best of luck in your venture.